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Studying at our school

School education covers three subjects: Polish language, Polish history and Polish geography. There are also religion lessons at the school.

We are a community open to differences, challenges, a student with educational needs and every willing Parent / Guardian who wants his child to start or continue learning, development and what we consider the most important adventure with Polishness in our school.

The strength of our school and its people for 65 years is the belief that you can act if you only have a vision, purpose and a lot of good will. Positive attitude and passion are the key words that have accompanied us for over half a century, therefore, we allow us to pass them on, just like patriotism, which defines us all in our community.


P  – passion for learning and teaching
A  – aspirations, ambitions and learning assertive behavior 
T  – identity
R  – development

I  – inspiration, invention and innovation
O  – Homeland, but also a promise of a well-developed time, refuge and opoka 
T  – tradition
Y  – your personal values are important for us!
Z   - team and passion for modern technologies
M   - motivation to fulfill dreams and pursue goals

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School timetable

Below is a link to the school schedule for 2022/2023

Reading list

List of recommended school reading 2021/2022


In order to ensure the continued development of children and to maintain a high level of education in the classroom and school, all Parents / Guardians are asked to check and help children with their homework . Please also repeat at home with children material that was implemented in the classroom.  This will help children to acquire and consolidate knowledge, and enable Parents / Guardians to follow the curriculum on an ongoing basis.

Information on homework is provided by e-mail by the class teacher. In the younger grades, they are also pasted by the teacher into the student's notebook.

Any observations and comments on this matter should be addressed directly to the teacher or the School Principal.


School shop

The school has a school shop where you can buy fresh rolls, fruit, sweets, drinks, and the most important items needed for lessons.

We invite all children to use our shop.

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