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Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff consists of about 60 people, which includes teachers, teaching assistants, volunteers and apprentices from higher education.

The teachers of our school have, inter alia, diplomas confirming the education of universities both domestic, British and other world universities. Many of them work in English schools w roli pedagogues or in supporting positions allowing for close cooperation with the student.

All persons who come into contact with children have DBS criminal record documents and regularly participate in workshops and trainings in the area of safety (Safeguarding).

Monika Hoch-Zielonka


Coordinator of GCSE 2-A2 classes

Coordinator of work with students with special  educational needs 

Designated School Safety Leader z ang. Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)      

I want to tell you ... that is a word from the Headmistress 

An insightful eye will notice that I have been the Director of Education since March 2019, although I have known school walls for over ten years, working as a teacher's assistant for a year, and then being a teacher of early childhood education for many years ...


The Board of Directors

Iwona Sadowska

  Deputy Director

Class Coordinator 6-GCSE 1

Katarzyna Maciocha-Syska

Director's Assistant

Coordinator of groups for 3-5 classes

Karolina Wesołowska

Director's Assistant

Coordinator of groups Kindergarten-2

Maksi Kozińska

Member of the Board of Directors

GCSE-A2  examination class coordinator in 2019-2020
From September 2020  Exam class adviser i friend of the school

Class teachers

Anna Sadowska-Jakóbiak

Kindergarten class teacher

Karolina Wesołowska

Class 0a teacher

Agnieszka Sunday

Class teacher 0b

Katarzyna Maciocha-Syska

Class teacher 1a

Marzena Okseniuk-Huda

Class teacher 1b

Emilia Dąbkowska

Class teacher 2a

Karolina Kuźnicka

Class teacher 2b

Dominika Paciorek

Class teacher 3a

Sylwia Siatkowska-Kozieł

Class teacher 3b

Eliza Pętlicka

Class teacher 4a

Dariusz Pętlicki

Teacher class 4b

Agata Kutak

Support teacher in classes 4a and 4b

Monika Kabat

Class teacher 5a

Magdalena Pielech Miranda

Class teacher in 5b

Iwona Sadowska

Class teacher 6a

Anna Martin

Class teacher 6b

Anna Milasz

Grade 7a teacher

Aleksandra Michalak

Teacher in class 7b

Karolina Dolega

GCSE 1a teacher

Agnieszka Mitkowska

GCSE 1b teacher

Katarzyna McGrath

GCSE 2 teacher

Ewa Poręba

Class teacher A1

Ewa Poręba

Class teacher A1

Subject teachers

Marek Cybulski

History teacher

Joanna Roman

Teacher Geografia

Izabela Hajkowska

Religion Teacher klasy Kindergarten-2

Fr. Cezary Kraczkowski, the parish priest

Class 3-4 Religion Teacher

Substitute Teachers / Teacher Assistants

Agata Choroszkiewicz


Michalina  Reszke


Agata Mazurek

School counselor

Supporting staff

Teacher Assistants / Teaching Assistants 1: 1

Anna Armata, Monika Muklewicz, Anna Gładkowska, Katarzyna Sapała, Edyta Dowgiert, Liliana Waścińska, Justyna Grel, Magdalena Gołdyn, Katarzyna Raczko-Łabędzka, Sylwia Kaszubska, Zuzanna Roman, Agnieszka Nowak, Monika Juszkiewicz

Studying assistants

Julia Wesołowska, Aleksandra Dziadak, Wiktoria Fronc


Katarzyna Wenta, Ewa Boroń, Dominika Pacholec, Dominika Kubasik, Marcel Zielonka, Wiktor Wesołowski, Jeremi Pętlicki, Maciej Żurowski

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