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Information for parents

Our school has about 500  children and youth, that is over 360 families. Parents and guardians of the school are an integral part of it, without which our school could not function.

Probably all parents / guardians are interested in when the classes are at school and what surprises we have prepared for the students. Below you can download the school schedule and see the plan for this year.

Important  information

We highly appreciate the parents' contribution w school life. Below are links to the most important information.

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Laptop and Phone

School Duty 

Information on compulsory shifts for parents.

School fees

Fees  please pay to the school bank account.

School registration

We register children for school for each school year.

Children collection after school

It is the responsibility of each Parent / Guardian to pick up the child on time, after the end of the lesson at 1:15 PM or, in the case of younger classes, at 1:00 PM. In the event of unexpected delay, please contact the Teacher, Principal or President of the School immediately. Contact telephone numbers can be found on the website and on the last page of the newsletter.

Pupils / pupils of the kindergarten, zero, first, second and third grades are picked up from the classroom, the remaining pupils from the school playground.

Students in grades GCSE, A1 and A2 may go home on their own with the prior written consent of their parents / guardians.

Please note that only the Parent / Guardian or a person authorized by the Parent / Guardian may pick up the child. The teacher should be notified in good time if another person is to pick up the child. If the person is a minor, the teacher may ask for a written consent signed by the Parent / Guardian. In exceptional and unforeseen situations, it is permissible to inform about the change in the child's collection by phone, which requires confirmation of the same information to two school employees, e.g. the class teacher and the teacher's assistant.

Absence of a child / children

The attendance list is checked during each lesson.  The number of hours missed by the student during the year is entered on the final certificate. As a result of longer absences, the student may not be classified when giving the final grade by the teacher. Three consecutive unexcused  absences from school will be considered a resignation from the school, and the remaining fee for the semester will not be refunded to the parent. A place will be offered to another child on the waiting list. In examination classes GCSE, AS and A2, only three absences are allowed for the entire school year. All absences must be notified in advance and agreed with the teacher. The student must also catch up due to his absence. Parents are required to contact the class teacher, the Headmaster or a member of the Board in advance, notifying about their child's absence from school.

Other information, policies, and procedures

We kindly ask parents or  guardians  children to familiarize themselves with other procedures in our school.

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