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I want to tell you ... that is a word from the Headmistress of the School

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Słowo od Dyrektorki: Welcome

All together...

A keen eye will notice that I have been the Director of Education since March 2019, although I have known school walls for over ten years, working as a teacher's assistant for a year, and then being a teacher of early childhood education for many years

Taking on my honorable role, I knew that the school was at a turning point influenced by many factors. Not wanting to focus on the hardships of the existing situation at school, at that moment, in the eyes of many participants and observers, I undertook the impossible, namely the merger of the two governing and managing bodies of the school. Mediation, communication skills, and above all, the goodwill of both parties and the willingness to cooperate at all levels have resulted in what today's Saturday days bring us. Despite the fact that the Management Board and the Teaching Staff function separately, each of them plays an equally important role. It is important, however, that we are able to work together for the benefit of children and young people in our school, but also for a pleasant and even family atmosphere among all those who are so involved in the activities of our facility.

I cannot and do not want to grade the essence of each of us, because we operate in different areas and planes, but I know one thing and I will say it loudly that we respect others as much as we would like to be treated.

 A Volunteer, Director do you see any differences in these roles? Yes, of course, because they result from the duties and functions in school or outside it, but we are connected, however, by what is most important in this Saturday education, namely dedication to the school community, passion and the aforementioned search. A volunteer very often finds his way in cooperation with us, gets to know himself, learns the difficult art of communication and establishing relationships. He is looking for guidance for himself, giving the school what he has the best, i.e. his time, commitment and skills.

For me, as Principals, these are the searches and striving to make our school a place where students want to learn, one that allows them to gain knowledge in an atmosphere of mutual respect, peace, but also joy and carefree children .

These searches are important to all of us because thanks to them, students gain knowledge about the Polish language, about the culture and traditions of our native country. They explore the secrets of Polish history, get to know the beauty of nature and landscapes from the sea to the Tatra Mountains. Finally, these searches allow us to identify ourselves with Poland, give us and the student a substitute for a journey into the depths of what we want to convey to them at Saturday school.

Our journey through Polish literature, poetry, grammar, lands, chronicles of history, traditions, religion leads the student in many ways, and the most valuable are those that allow him to be actively involved in this journey. In order to see the effects of teaching in our school, we focus on how we provide knowledge to children and adolescents. After all, science is not only the proverbial school bench, but above all an interaction. We like to activate students during lessons, we make the child not only a participant in the classes, but also have a chance to create or co-create them with other classmates. How the lesson will be conducted depends on the creativity of the teacher, but also the student himself, which has an impact on the course of the lesson . 

In our school, we pay a lot of attention to various teaching methods and strategies, and the general goal is one: to make our students interested in what we want to convey to them. Therefore, open-air lessons, all educational trips, going to the theater or cinema, additional activities allowing for the development of interests and talents among our students cannot be overestimated . 

Students of examination classes are guests of university lectures, participate in lectures organized by the Association of Polish Teachers Abroad, but they also participate in stratified classes organized by the Polish SchoolAssociation.  The new tradition of our school is to invite school graduates, who have completed their studies or are still studying, graduates who have achieved professional success. The aim of these meetings is to show our young examiners the possibilities that they face after graduating, among others, from the Polish Saturday School. It is also to show the essence of undertaking the effort of studying in the GCSE examination class, then the prestigious two-year A-level exam and the positive impact of a passed exam in Polish.

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