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Registration of children and enrollment in school

Polish School of st. Królowej Jadwigi Forest Gate-Ilford conducts education for children and youth living in Great Britain. Children are admitted to our school from the kindergarten group in the school year in which they turn 5.

Admission rules

The child / children are admitted to our facility by the British system, according to the date of birth.

In the 2022/23 school year, children born from September 1, 2017 r start education in the preschool group. until August 31, 2018. Children are accepted
- to kindergarten: in the school year in which the child is at least 4 years old.
- to grade 0: in the school year in which the child reaches 5 or more years of age.


Children progress to GCSE upon completion of the eighth grade.

The condition for admission to the A1 matriculation class is passing an internal examination with a grade A or A *.

It is not possible to change classes during the school year.

When admitting new children, e.g. to kindergarten or kindergarten, the siblings of students already registered with the school have priority. Children attending kindergarten automatically get a place in the kindergarten.

Below is a link to the school application form (in Polish).

Registration and personal data

Parents / Guardians of newly adopted children are required to pay a deposit of £ 60 within the prescribed period in order to book a place, as well as provide a photocopy of the child's birth certificate and a document confirming the address (e.g. Child Tax Credit or other letter).

All children are registered every year in order to verify and update the data.

It is the responsibility of each Parent / Guardian to carefully read all the documents contained in the registration package and fill in the registration form containing the student's data, information about possible health problems or allergies.

The Parent / Guardian Regulations and the Student / Student Regulations are part of the registration documents. The signed documents must be signed and delivered together with the registration form within the prescribed period to the e-mail address:

If there are any changes during the school year, such as a change of address, e-mail address or contact telephone number, please notify the School Secretary immediately. It is extremely important in order to maintain constant contact with the Parents / Guardians, especially in emergency situations. Please also provide your e-mail addresses on the registration forms. Correspondence to Parents / Guardians is sent electronically.

Parent / Guardian Regulations

In September 2012, we introduced a new document, Parent / Guardian Regulations, which is part of the information and registration package.
It is to help and ensure the proper functioning of our school. Each Parent / Guardian is required to read and sign the Parent / Guardian Regulations and comply with them.

The condition for admitting a child to school is receipt of the regulations signed by the Parent / Guardian.

In the event of non-compliance with the applicable rules, the child of the Parent / Guardian will be suspended or removed from the list of students.

Student / student regulations

The Student Regulations is a separate document attached to the information and registration package.
Each Student / Student is required to read and sign the Student / Student Regulations and is obliged to comply with them.
In the event of failure to comply with their obligations, the Student will be punished first with an oral warning, then a meeting with the School Principal, an interview before the disciplinary panel, and as a last resort, suspension of the student's rights and removal from the school's student register.
Please read the regulations together with your children, sign them and hand them over with the registration form.

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