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School fees

Parents / Guardians of Children attending the School are required to pay the fee during the first month of semester I and II, i.e. in September 2022 and January 2023. The fee can be settled by an interbank transfer or in exceptional cases only in cash at the school Treasurer.

Failure to meet the payment deadline will incur a £ 20 penalty.
In case of payment problems, please contact the Treasurer or the President

Details to make the transfer

Bank name: HSBC   
Sort code: 40-06-29
Account number: 92039885
Account name: Polish Saturday School Forest Gate-Ilford

REFERENCES: Child's name and class or invoice number - VERY IMPORTANT, in order to correctly register the fee.

The amount of the fees

For the 2022/23    school year, the following fees apply:

Nursery class - paid once in advance in September.
£280.00 - for a child without siblings at school + own contribution of £20, total (all year with a deposit of £360 )
£190.00 - for a child whose older siblings attend school.
Class 0 –A2
£280.00 for one child + own contribution £20, total £300 , payable in two instalments (all year including a deposit £360 )
1st instalment by the end of September 2022  £120.00 + own contribution  £20, total  £140
2nd instalment until the end of January 2023    £160.00
£440.00 for two children + personal contribution  £20 in total £460 payable in two installments (all year with a deposit of £ 520 )
First installment by the end of September 2022    £190.00 + own contribution  £20£210
2nd installment by the end of January 2023    £ 250.00
The third and each subsequent child attends the classes free of charge, ale  does not apply to the nursery group!

The resignation from the child's education must be formally reported via e-mail correspondence to the form teacher or member of the Management Board and to the Deputy President 3 weeks before the last Saturday of sending the child to school.

In the event of resignation from school or kindergarten during a semester in a given school year, the fee for the remainder of the semester will not be refunded. The reimbursement of the school fee may be made only for the unstarted semester with the full-year fee and only after prior notification of resignation.

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